DU Premium Sushi Roller Mould Kit-Easy Sushi Roll Maker.

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  • MAKE YOUR FAVOURITE SUSHI AT YOUR HOME: A true sushi fan knows the huge difference between getting your favorite meal from a restaurant and making it in your own kitchen. With DU premium Sushi easy sushi maker, creating your own, fresh, healthy and delicious sushi becomes a matter of your imagination and a few minutes’ work time! Get it now and never order sushi delivery again!
  • SLEEK & PRACTICAL DESIGN: Welcome the first sushi maker machine that has a sleek, elegant design and classy black color, making it a touch of chic decoration inside your kitchen, instead of a simple piece of sushi making equipment! Impress your guests and dinner friends, not only with your masterful professional sushi but with letting them see you use this exceptionally looking tool as well!
  • QUALITY MATERIALS, DISHWASHER SAFE & FDA APPROVED: We, at KRD Basics, make a point of using nothing but high end quality materials and up-to-date production processes so that your sushi maker is conveniently dishwasher safe, strong and, most important of all, long-lasting! We also make sure that all our materials are FDA approved – which means no dangerous chemicals in your or your loved ones’ sushi!
  • A COMPLETE SUSHI MAKING SET FOR BEGINNERS: Making sushi is way more than simply cooking; it’s an actual art that includes, of course, the best sushi maker you can find in the market, but also choosing fine, nutritious fillings, the perfect rice quality and a mastery of sushi recipes! Don’t be afraid; we have included a full instructions sheet and a variety of recipes to ease you into creating the best flavors!
  • 100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE: We have worked really hard in order to offer you the best sushi making kit your money can buy. If, however, you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, we do offer you a 100% money back guarantee – because your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!